Amanda Brooks


Apple Bowl
ACR 75x75cm
Pear Bowl
ACR 75x75cm
Vintage Glamour 1
ACR 80x60cm
Vintage Glamour 2
ACR 80x60cm
Fleur De Lis 1
ACR 60x60cm
Fleur De Lis 2
ACR 60x60cm
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About Amanda Brooks

Amanda's unique work reflects the contemporary, casual and sunshine filled lifestyle of the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Queensland...

Living on Sunshine Coast in the Noosa hinterland she shares a home with her husband, their young daughter Coco, and twins Jasper and Indigo. She will happily ship artwork worldwide and offers a 3/5 day door to door delivery service within Australia .

Amanda Brooks' work on large canvases are vibrant and textured. Incorporated decoupaged antique music notes, stencilled damask textures, metallic leaf work, oil pastels and poetic script reflect her love of nature, music and the coast. From her whimsical hummingbirds and ocean pools to her patchworks of beautiful bowls, fruit, and kitchen finery, Amanda's work captures light and form in a breathtaking manner. Amanda also has an interest in the human form and enjoys figure drawing and painting tasteful nudes. Her paintings are done on high quality stretched canvas with acrylic, oil pastels and oil varnish.

Her dedication to observing nature is displayed in the way she approaches her textured contemporary landscapes,whimsical figurines, floating hummingbirds. "When one is in touch with nature no season passes unnoticed", says Amanda.

Amanda comes from a family of artists, dancers and musicians . She started as a graphic designer, moving on to teach painting. This brings to her work a discipline and lifelikeness that is often hard to find in the work of contemporary painters. Attention to detail, composition, interesting layers of paint washes and textures and an eye for colour have made her work highly prized, being represented in private collections throughout South-east Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia.

Amanda's work caters to the corporate and domestic market attracting renovators, home decorators and designers. Amanda's work is highly sought after and due to demand she now paints on a full time basis. She considers her work contemporary, unique and affordable and happily personalises and customises all paintings according to her clients personal taste .

It is the warmth the paintings bring to people's homes and lives that attracts buyers.

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