Andrea Wootton


Fluffy Cocka2
acrylic 115x93cm
acrylic 115x93cm
acrylic 115x93cm
acrylic 115x93cm
mixed 28x28cm
mixed 28x28cm
mixed 30x28cm
acrylic 125x102cm
Laughing Cock
acrylic 125x102cm
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About Andrea Wootton

Andrea’s artworks explore the playful, vibrantly coloured side of nature, a satirical view of life and all its wonderful creatures.

Andrea never formally studied art at University, however she has always enjoyed the time spent with her artistic family developing her painting skills, travelling the world and exploring all of its galleries

Since 2012 her focus has been drawn back into her art and as such has found herself screen printing in New York, drawing in Paris and exhibiting in Melbourne.

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