Anita Bye


Flying Over The Bungle Bungles (Scene 3)
OIL 65x65cm
Mitchell Falls, Kimberley
OIL 75x27cm
Sunny Mitre Peak, NZ
OIL 75x27cm
Albustan Beach, Muscat, Oman
OIL 25x60cm
Walking In Cedar Forest (2), Morocco*
OIL 18x18cm
Door In Kasbah (1), Morocco*
OIL 18x18cm
Door In Kasbah (2), Morocco*
OIL 18x18cm
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About Anita Bye

My interest in art (drawing and painting) began in early childhood and continued throughout my years in High School in Austria and Germany, where a study of fine arts was important to me. I recall the “exhibition” of two of my early paintings in the corridors of the high school. After my move to Melbourne, my love of painting drew me to attend private art schools, in particular the Melbourne School of Arts. Here my drawing and painting skills improved considerably. I especially enjoyed the classes of Robert Gill, artist and author of „Rendering with Pen and Ink“, who at that time taught the subjects “Colour and Design” and “ Introduction to Perspective”.  En Plein Air painting further helped me to learn to see.



For several  years I have been taking classes with Ron Reynolds, artist, who has helped me to develop my own style of „abstracting realism“, using strong colours in the paintings, which are now a mix of geometric and natural shapes in the style of cloisonnisme. I find subjects in the Australian and overseas landscapes, elaborating and exploring them from various angles, fracturing and juxtaposing.

I have participated in various group exhibitions, exhibited as a member of Mixed Palette and held solo exhibitions In Australia and Germany.

My paintings have sold in Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

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