Barbara Wenzel


Artichoke 1
acrylic 92x61cm
Artichoke 2
acrylic 92x61cm
click on artwork to see a larger version

About Barbara Wenzel

Barbara Wenzel has been painting for about 10 years after completing a course in acrylics at the C.A.E. in Melbourne. She favours the still-life genre, with a special interest in birds’ nests and eggs. She has become fascinated with the extraordinary range of colours and patterns in birds’ eggs, and with the ingenuity and skill displayed by birds in constructing their nests. Barbara’s paintings have been shown at the Camberwell, Bayside, Flinders and Knox Art Shows and have won a number of commendations. Barbara’s works can be seen at Panoply Gallery, 1418 Malvern Rd., Glen Iris.

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