Bernadette Jordan


Can Can
acrylic 95x125cm
Twin Flame
acrylic 51x51cm
Autumn Breeze
acrylic 51x51cm
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About Bernadette Jordan

Known as the Torchlight Artist, Bernadette Jordan is an internationally selling local painter.

An unexpected event gave Bernadette the inspiration for her current ‘Out of the Shadows’ floral series when a cold winter’s storm caused a power blackout in her neighbourhood.

In reaching for the household torch Jordan discovered how magical her flower subjects looked in this light. “The blackout turned out to be a blessing in disguise, the light effect brought out colours and shapes you just don’t see in the daylight.” said Ms Jordan

Combining her meditation and paintings skills, her intention for every painting is the same - for the viewer to be effected visually, physically and even spiritually and this is a gift she is honoured to be able to share with the world.

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