Brett Ashby


City Circle Tram
mixed 90x120cm
World of Golf
mixed 90x120cm
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About Brett Ashby

Artist statement:

My art explores the process of movement in society and humanity. My photomontage style is a process of production that tells a story of everyday life within the subject.

A word from an observer, Richard Sleeman, UK: 

“Just like his art shows, Brett curates imagery through the face of iconic symbolism creating a microcosm within reality. Ashby plays with the standards of beauty to communicate savagely funny messages that tell his story, your story, our story or whatever you see it to be.”

My recent work involved the ideas of movement and capturing our physical actions represented as art. This has developed from interest in educational theories and projects involving community engagement. These have directly related back to my exploration of society and reality. The impact of others has shifted my thought process within artistic practice to further engage and elaborate on the thoughts and actions of society as a collective.

As a mixed media artist previously working as a professional producer and animator in commercial television, I have an understanding of media as a whole and have found that this experience has influenced my artistic development across the last 7 years.  I have come to realise that my past experiences and work focus has been on studying the motion and potential energy of matter. From activities ranging from my strong engagement with state-level soccer right through to my work as an animator and my continued exploration of electronics and media technology.  

New projects involve my study of what I once considered a hobby or a talent of mine to now being the device for my art and community awareness. In commercialised hobbies such as skateboarding and drumming I have found the rhythm and energy that connects artistic practice. This newfound method of connecting and engaging with society has informed my art. 

“Exploration through present day realities, I document people, places and spaces through photography. Mixed media techniques lead to completed works on timber, pre-loved furniture, objects etc. Resin, oil and acrylics are found in my studio”… Brett Ashby.


Notable exhibitions:

Heritage Hill artist in residence, Greater Dandenong Council, 2014.

Light Box Project- Greater Dandenong Council, 2014.

Casey Fields rugby pavilion, public art, City of Casey Council 2014.

Doveton Ping Pong table public art- City of Casey, Council, 2014.

YMCA Cardinia Life, RPM room public Art, Cardinia Shire Council, 2014.

Beaconhills College- artist in residency 2013, Berwick campus and 2014 Pakenham campus.

Arts Burst- Stonnington Council, 2013.

AAF Melbourne, A5, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton, 24th - 27th May 2012.

ASHBY ARTS event, London Olympics 2012 Art Show, Bow London, April 2012 - Aug 2012.

AAF Brussels, Tour and Taxis, avenue du Port 86c, B1000 Brussels, 9-12 Feb, 2012. 

AAF Milano, Superstudio Plu, via Tortona, 2-5 Feb, 2012. 

Spitalfields Art Market, Brushfield Street, Spitalfields, London, 8–11 Dec and 15-18 Dec, 2011. 

East London Design Show, 2011, Soreditch Town Hall, 1-4 Dec, 2011.

The Other Art Fair, Bargehouse, Southbank, London, 24-27 Nov, 2011.

Buy Art fair, Manchester City, Uk, 27-30 Oct, 2011.

Art Singapore, AAF 3 Tank Rd, 3/F Singapore, 238060, 17 - 20 Nov 2011.

Energy, Orange County Centre of Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA, 5 Aug - 10 Sep 2011.

Milan Art Prize, Winner, Blindonkey New York finalist, New Atlantic Gallery, NYC, March 2011.

Art Melbourne, A5, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton, May 2011.

Hawthorn Studio and Gallery, solo show, Burwood Rd, Hawthorn East, 5 - 28 May, 2011.

Kodak Salon, Centre of Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy, 10 May - 4 June, 2011.

Herald Sun, Camberwell rotary art show, April 2011.

Tastes of Chapel, ART-Town @ Chapel off Chapel‚ 14 March 2011.

Civic Centre Art Space, feature artist, 1 Feb - 31 March, 2011.

Hawthorn Studio and Gallery, summer show, 1 Dec - Feb 12 2011.

Art Burnley, 3 - 5 Dec 2010, McConchie Reserve Burnley Harbor.

Surrey Hills Art Fair, Victoria Surrey Hills, 2010.

Art Melbourne 2010‚ Solo gallery E20, Royal Exhibition Buildings Carlton.

Art Sydney 2010‚ Solo Gallery C2, Moore Park, Sydney.

Street Art Installation, Crowne Street, Wollongong Nsw.

Metro Gallery, Melbourne, 2010 Metro Art Award. 

Beers Lambert Gallery, Nottingham Uk, Short listed. 

Rex Livingston. Mount Eyre, Art Prize 2010, Short listed. 

Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award 2010, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, QLD.

Tastes of Chapel, ART-Town‚ Olsen Hotel, Chapel Street. ( Best art in show ) (winner) 2009.

Emerging Artists 2010‚ Limner Gallery, 123 Warren St, Hudson, New York. (finalist).

Artoconecto‚ B(o)MB 2, The American Dream, 941 NE 84th St, Miami FL.

Art Basel Festival‚ 941 NE 84th St, Miami FL.

Embracing our Differences‚ South Sarasota, FL.

ICONS and ART‚ J. Lucas Gallery, 437 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA. (winner) 2008.

Each Sold Separately‚ Top 12 Animations, ACMI Fed Square, Melbourne, Australia, 2005.    

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