Casey Freeman


Horizon XXVII
ink 107x87cm
ink 87x107cm
Trees LIV
ink 51x38cm
*A Small Forest I
ink 5x5cm
*A Small Forest II
ink 5x5cm
*A Small Forest
ink 5x5cm
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About Casey Freeman

After a very successful 2017 exhibiting at Tokyo International Art Fair, and The Other Art Fair in both Melbourne and Sydney; the first half of 2018 has filled up quickly with invitations to exhibit Denfair, No Vacancy Gallery, The Other Art Fair, and Studio Gallery Melbourne. Casey works from her studio in North Melbourne preparing for shows and creating commission artworks full time. 

"As an artist, I work to develop paintings that speak to both me and others about the purity in nature. Part of my process before I begin painting is to observe and study the natural elements. I want to internalise the uniformity found in an alpine forest, the movement of billowing clouds, and the depth of colour in ocean currents. I do not want to capture the image with my brushes; rather, with a minimal selection of materials, I aim to capture the essence, simplicity, and purity of the natural world. My ink washes hold a certain visual presence which acts as an invitation to engage, to feel, to explore how the 'pure' resides within us".

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