Catherine Hiller


Ebbs and Flows
oil 103x143cm
Cool Change II
oil 93x93cm
A Love Like This
oil 103x103cm
oil 103x103cm
no artwork photo
Ebbs & Flow Landscape
oil 93x123cm
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About Catherine Hiller

Catherine Hiller’s abstract expressionist work concentrates on powerful, emotional moments in time – human snapshots. Through very energetic and sensual strokes, she expresses her love of paint and colour.

Her works are raw and visceral, the product of instinct rather than intellect. Being very sensitive to her surroundings - colours, sounds, people and most of all music - every cue, whether visual, aural or emotional, has a colour to her and she tries translating it all onto canvas without the distraction of a thought process. Catherine also particularly enjoy the process, the physicality of painting and hopefully it transpires in the end result.


French born, Catherine studied art in Paris before embarking on a successful career in advertising in the UK. After 11 years in the UK, she moved to Australia in 2004 and has been living in Melbourne since. Catherine has had solo and group shows in France, England and Australia and her work is represented in private collections nationally and internationally.

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