Catriona Dolphin


Belonging Together
acrylic 105x105cm
The Pursuit of Happiness
acrylic 63x155cm
Family Tree
acrylic 125x64cm
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About Catriona Dolphin

Catriona grew up in country Victoria but has lived most of her life in suburbia and that’s where most of her inspiration is drawn from. She finds personalities in the buildings, homes and park-lands that are the urban landscapes we frequent every day.  Daily commutes and the chance to explore new areas fill Cat with curiosity and wonder about the places she visits.  She describes her work as - contemporary urban landscapes and people drawn from memories, feelings and subconscious recall.


Cat has studied fine art, fashion design, sales and management and has worked in wholesale apparel design for over 20 years. She’s a wife, mother, daughter and sister, and family is the most precious thing in the world to her. 


Cat paints mostly in acrylic on canvas, occasionally mixed media and sometimes on paper.  She has been exploring alternate painting styles and techniques for over a decade and follows her heart to paints what brings her joy.


She loves to use colour, intuitive mark making, symbols, and typography to create her paintings of imagined and remembered urban landscapes.  The works are built with multiple layers as she searches for the painting within.  Adding and deleting marks, changing the scale, plane and direction, while coaching the painting to evolve and come forward.  Once the landscape appears there are other stories to tell – look closer for small vignettes of cats, birds, boats or bicycles among the trees and those buildings all have their own personalities. 

She has has participated in a number of group exhibitions and has collectors Australia wide.  she is represented by local Melbourne galleries.  


Cat Dolphin is her real name.


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