Chris Chun


Treasures Of The Sea
Mixed 80x100cm
The Afternoon Tea In Eden
Mixed 80x100cm
All Meals Should Be Made With Love
Mixed 45x45cm
Green Tea
Mixed 45x45cm
When In Rome
Mixed 90x45cm
A Taste Of The Ocean
Mixed 90x45cm
Chinese Kitchen
Mixed 60x60cm
Bowl Of Nourishment
Mixed 25x25cm
Cup Of Prosperity
Mixed 25x25cm
Drink With Me
Mixed 25x25cm
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About Chris Chun

The 2006 Canterbury Art Exhibition is the first time Chris will professionally exhibit his new paintings in Melbourne.

Chris Chun's paintings move between intense patterns of colour and soft, spacious moods. Their subject matter is drawn from within the culinary world, in all its many facets - the cultural and historical, the symbolic and personal.

"I am fascinated by our emotional connection to food. I think food means different things to us in various stages of our lives. When I look at cupcakes, I think of my first birthday parties and Mum cooking in the kitchen. The sweet smell of vanilla and sugar, the warmth from the oven, licking chocolate from the wooden spoon, all wonderful memories"

The theme of cuisine, its preparation, the utensils arranged and readied, not only bear witness to one of Chris' passions but also form part of his memory and the history of his childhood and family.

The selection of objects, that Chris owns and loves, things found or family heirlooms, are at once carefully placed, yet remaining free. They are symbols of his personal journey.

There is also a sense of discovery in his paintings: things that appear painted are actually hand embroidered on closer inspection and various elements such as the butterfly are actually rich in Chinese symbolism and beliefs.

Chris says, "Two butterflies dancing above the table symbolise marital happiness. A simple plate of pears for example, is not only beautiful to look at but represents longevity because pear trees live a very long life."

Chris Chun has an appetite for fun, great food and adventure.

Chris was born in Melbourne and has literally grown up around food. His parents were both chefs who established a couple of successful restaurants, specialising in fine dining.

Since graduating from RMIT in 1991, he has had over 12 years international experience working as a textile designer and stylist in the UK, Italy and Australia.

He loves cooking and worked briefly as a chef in London as well as recently been a consultant chef at Lauralla Guesthouse and Grapevine Restaurant in Mudgee NSW.

In a relatively short career as an artist, Chris has had a great deal of success. His solo shows in Sydney have both sold out and he was selected as a finalist in both the 2004 Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Art of Food and the 2005 Jacques Cadry Memorial Art Prizes.

Last year, Chris illustrated the book cover for the SBS Eating Guide to Sydney. He was also featured on the TV Show The SBS Food Lovers Guide to Australia with Maeve O'Meara doing what he loves best - cooking and painting!!

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