Christine Pain


wc 63x50cm
Domme View 1
wc 37x47cm
Domme View 2
wc 37x47cm
Domme View 3
wc 37x47cm
oil 24x29cm
oil 24x29cm
*Kingsand after de Stael
oil 24x29cm
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About Christine Pain

Christine’s paintings are an abstraction of reality in an attempt to capture the essence and the feeling.

Christine has previously exhibited in the Canterbury Art Show under the name of Christine Oakley.

She is influenced by Cezanne, Nicolas de Stael, Morandi and Jonas Svazas.

Christine has been on five major art trips with a group of artists. The first was to Paris where she exhibited her work.

Christine has studied art in Melbourne, Brisbane, Paris, Greece, Mexico and Spain. She painted and exhibited botanical art for several years and continues to attend classes with Ron Reynolds.

Her studies have included:

Botanical Art with Jenny Phillips. Life painting and drawing with Lewis Miller. Modern painting and sculpture with Lola McFarlane and Ron Reynolds.

Christine is represented in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and America and was awarded the Canterbury Art Small Art prize in 2016.

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