Craig Mackie


Happy Hour
acrylic 91x61cm
Autumn in Surrey Hills
acrylic 50x65cm
Free House
acrylic 39x49cm
Hang In There Myrtle
acrylic 50x64cm
acrylic 35x45cm
acrylic 65x52cm
Lost Buoy
acrylic 53x73cm
acrylic 53x63cm
New Year's Day
acrylic 54x44cm
The Tagger's Restraint
acrylic 20x20cm
Hungover in Barwon Downs
acrylic 50x70cm
Stray Cat Blues
acrylic 39x31cm
acrylic 24x54cm
Self Portrait on Reynard St
acrylic 44x54cm
Dea Loves Tim
acrylic 25x21cm
acrylic 35x45cm
The Last Potato Cake
acrylic 24x24cm
Gimme Shelter
acrylic 61x61cm
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About Craig Mackie

A lifetime love affair with all things creative, Craig - AKA Mac - has been painting, illustrating and cartooning his entire life. As a young man Mac attended art classes but discovered that he learned more from observing the skill of his own father, a technical illustrator, who himself was an artist that put a huge amount of detail into his drawings and paintings. Having a career in the offset printing industry, Mac determined to leave the safety of a “normal” job and commit to full time painting in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. Describing his acrylic paintings as being in the realm of realism with brief forays into surrealism, Mac brings everyday locations into stark, beautiful focus. His interest in the charm of buildings and landscapes provide inspiration for the paintings that depict the surroundings that we tend to overlook daily. Having found landscapes far and wide worthy of putting to canvas, Mac now finds sufficient beauty and strangeness within mere minutes of his home studio with works depicting local structures and well-known iconic modes of transport. Mac’s paintings have found homes in galleries, cafés, art shows and several solo exhibitions and he looks forward to many more years of creating art on the very easel his father handed down to him.

 Best In Show - 2011 Amaroo Art Show / Best In Show - 2011 Roberts McCubbin Art Show / Best In Show - 2015 Hart Art Show / Guest artist ;Roberts McCubbin Art Show - 2015 / Feature artist at 2018 Canterbury Art Exhibition / Packers Prize - 2018 Albert Park College Art Show / Best Under $400 in show - 2019 Hart Art Show / Curators Choice Award - 2019 Albert Park College Art Show / Viewers Choice Award - 2019 Canterbury Art Exhibition

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