Daniel Molloy Drum


Hill View
Steel 47x29cm
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About Daniel Molloy Drum

Dónal is a full time artist, living and working at Banyena in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia. He is a regular exhibitor and his work can be found in both public and private collections worldwide, including Microsoft Dublin, south Dublin County Council, Australian Air Force Canberra, Horsham Rural city Council. He has completed a number of outdoor public sculptures and is currently a member of the Public Art Policy Committee with Horsham Rural City Council. Born in Ireland in 1965, Dónal studied Fine Art at the Crawford School of art - Cork and graduated in 1988. He has lived and worked in London, New York and Melbourne. He migrated to Australia in 1997 and became an Australian Citizen in 2011. Dónal Molloy-Drum – Artist Statement Influenced by Celtic art at the National Museum of Ireland and a childhood fed on myth and legend, has my work etched with traditional symbols – the most potent for me being that of the boat. Drawn by its volume, clean line and simple shape, the image is a metaphor for journey’s both physical and spiritual. While retaining such symbolism, my work has evolved to reflect the different environment of Australia. Living under the vast sky of the Wimmera, my sculptures and medium have become lighter and more refined. The open space and quality of light, give crispness to shadow and silhouette. Fleeting visual moments – a tree at dusk, a shadow on the wall or a passing raven – become part of the passage of time and the imagery conveyed through my sculptures. From initial notebook sketches, cut-outs and photographs, I develop an idea with a chalk drawing on my workshop floor, shapes and lines are then fabricated into a three dimensional work. Quite often a sculpture evolves from and offcut of previous work with a negative space of one piece shaping the form of another. Working in this way I am looking to further develop, through my sculpture, the symbolic imagery of my past with the impressions of the landscape in which I now live.

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