Dinusha Joseph


Forever Blue
acrylic 76x101cm
acrylic 76x76cm
Coy Camelia
oil 76x61cm
oil 76x61cm
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About Dinusha Joseph

Dinusha paints with the purpose of creating a quiet moment for the viewer.  Her work uses colour, texture and layers to create a peaceful space, apart from the business of daily life.

The composition of her paintings is inspired by nature, especially skies, horizons and flora.  She employs mark making as a means of capturing the feeling and energy she gets from the natural world.  She uses paint in layers to create different dimensions.

Dinusha has held solo exhibitions at the Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn Arts Centre, Community Project Wall (2016) and Cambridge Studio Gallery (2017).  Both were very well received with a number of works sold. In 2016, Dinusha received the first prize in Cambridge Studio Gallery's Exhibition, 'Life Abstracted'. She has an exhibition scheduled for the second half of May, at Tacit Contemporary Art. 

Apart from painting, enjoys having time with her husband and two children, including travel and exploring new places

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