Elaine Foulsham


At Days End
acrylic 91x91cm
Grows Like Topsy
acrylic 91x91cm
*Life's a Beach
acrylic 23x23cm
*Little Beaches 1
acrylic 23x23cm
*Little Beaches 2
acrylic 23x23cm
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About Elaine Foulsham

Artist Biography

Elaine Foulsham is an accomplished Sydney based contemporary painter. She paints intuitively in her purpose built garden studio.

Much motivation for Elaine has come from being an independent single woman her entire life - never marrying and becoming a mother later than usual. After a long break, she returned to art with the encouragement of her son. She completed a Visual Arts Diploma at the Northern Sydney Institute with Distinctions in Painting and Art History & Theory. She studied in Florence, Italy at SACI (Studio Arts Centres International) and a short art study through Federation University, VIC.

Her work has been exhibited in commercial and regional galleries including the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery and New England Arts Museum, New South Wales. Her work has been privately commissioned numerous times and she has hosted many highly successful solo exhibitions.

Elaine’s work is mostly devoid of human representation, a call for humanity to recognise the vast and dramatic natural world of which we, albeit small and insignificant, are the curators. 

Elaine Foulsham



Website:               www.elainefoulsham.com.au

Email:                     elainefoulsham@gmail.com

Mobile:                  0409 901 769

Instagram:            @elaine_foulsham_artist


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