Eleni Kokkinos


Velvet Magenta
acr/lin 110x140cm
80s Milkbar Robbery
mix/brd 122x109cm
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About Eleni Kokkinos

I work in my home studio in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and three children.

My upbringing has been a huge influence on who I am and my artwork. My Greek migrant parents were determined in pursuing the Aussie dream of owning a business. While they were absorbed in making their dream a reality, I'd I spend countless hours conjuring up stories, indulging in imaginative play and directing and performing skits.

As an artist I am essentially a visual storyteller. Nothing satisfies me more than telling a story or at least setting the scene for one to unfold. Within the layers and pattern work, there is always a playful story to be found.

Acrylic,  and more prominently, mineral paint is my medium of choice. I love its organic flow.  My work, however, is not limited to paint alone. For texture and depth I use natural materials such as lime plaster and clay.

 Life itself and its relationship with nature is where I draw inspiration for an art Story and its Setting. 

If a collector purchases my painting, let me tell you I am doing a happy dance somewhere. It is an honour to have something that I lovingly made chosen to be part of someone's carefully concidered space. 

If you would like to see more of my work please visit my instagram page @elenikart 

My contact details are listed on the profile page aswell if you have any questions.

Thank You  

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