Fiona Slater


Rock the Kazbah
acrylic 100x100cm
Marrakech Mirrors
acrylic 100x100cm
Adam and Eve's Garden
acrylic 100x100cm
Feathers Three
acrylic 100x100cm
*The Magical Garden
acrylic 30x30cm
acrylic 30x22cm
acrylic 150x79cm
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About Fiona Slater

Fiona Slater is a self-taught artist based in bayside Victoria. She is inspired by her three children, curiosity and imagination. Her love of colour and beauty in nature is constantly portrayed throughout her works. Her happiness, warmth and love of life can also be seen. Fiona's use of fabrics, acrylic and resin creates a textural and multi-dimensional effect in her work. Something new can be discovered with each viewing as a story unfolds for each individual through Fiona's colourful and detailed creations.

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