Fleur Worboys


Swelling Calm
LINO 63x65cm
St Ives
LINO 64x70cm
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About Fleur Worboys

I am interested and inspired by the natural world. By the effect of humans on the land, and by the beauty of nature. My most recent work uses a different form of Relief Printmaking that I have not explored previously. This process is called a Collograph Print and it has allowed me to experiment with both colour, texture and layering. I enjoy the spontaneity of this process as it allows me to recreate the texture that can be found when viewing landscapes.

My prints this year are inspired from varying driving trips I have taken in Australia over the last few years. I enjoy the ever changing yet always familiar landscape that flashes by while looking out of the car window. The earthy and vibrant Australian colours that change with the season and the time of day. I have tried to capture the distance and the huge expanse of land with rolling hills in the distance and trees and shrubs in the foreground.

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