Georgie Gall


The Waterhole Dance
ACR 50x150cm
Wetlands Panorama
ACR 50x150cm
Golden Day
ACR 50x150cm
South Westerly
ACR 111x167cm
Egret Squabble
ACR 120x90cm
Ripe For Harvest
ACR 120x90cm
Wetland Paradise
ACR 120x90cm
Moving In Silence
ACR 101x137cm
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About Georgie Gall

Georgie Gall grew up in an artistic family in the Victorian city of Geelong ‘the City by the Bay’ and the gateway to the Great Ocean Road.

After moving to Sydney in 2000, Georgie undertook various short art courses which furthered her passion for painting. In July 2003, she wound up a 13-year corporate career to successfully pursue her painting full-time. Georgie’s experimentation with a range of mixed media, including acrylics, oils, watercolours, inks and glazes create a unique and rich collection of original artwork that are highly sought after.

Georgie explores the vast Australian landscape in an original, textual and contemporary way. It is her passion for the Australian countryside that Georgie thinks about and attempts to infuse in her abstract paintings as she builds/subtracts layer upon layer of paint and medium. Her cool misty silver birch textual forests contrast with her organic wheatfields. Her textual sea grasses contrast with the red ochres of the northern territory waterholes. Birdlife is in abundance in her smoky green vistas depicting the typical Australian wetlands. The birds for example, work as Australian icons and provide movement and perspective.

Apart from being represented in many Australian private and corporate collections, Georgie’s work can also be found in Singapore and the U.S.A.


  • Art Melbourne: April 2008
  • Canterbury Art Show, Melbourne: May 2008
  • Art Brisbane: May 2008
  • Riverview Art Show Sydney: May 2008
  • Manyung Gallery, Victoria: September 2008
  • Art Sydney: October 2008
  • Art Melbourne: April 2007
  • Canterbury Art Show, Melbourne: May 2007
  • Riverview Art Show Sydney, May 2008
  • Art Sydney: October 2007
  • Balmain Art Show: November 2007
  • Art2Muse, Walsh Bay: June 2006
  • Art Sydney: June 2006
  • SoHo Gallery, Woolloomooloo, Sydney: July 2006
  • Moree Gallery, Moree: September 2006
  • Balmain Art Show: November 2006

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