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LINO 110x95cm
Off The Deck I
LINO 102x99cm
Little Cove
LINO 86x86cm
Le Soir
OIL 102x102cm
Off The Deck II
OIL 140x140cm
no artwork photo
LINO 102x99cm
no artwork photo
Yellow, Love that vase, love those flowers
LINO 90x100cm
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About Gerry Knight

Gerry started painting at a very early age and as she states herself “it is all I’ve ever wanted to do and have always gripped on tightly to the desire to be an artist”. She followed her passion to complete a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art and Printmaking from RMIT and studied under Jeff Makin, Anthony Prior, Ron Miller and Jim Meldrum.

Notably her works show a love movement and intense colour “….nourish and inspire the viewer with their warmth and powerful composition as she uses colour and line to feed the soul” David O Halloran Glen Eira City Gallery. Her subjects vary from bright still life and expressive landscapes to swirling full-bodied seascapes. As she states “I am profoundly moved by colour, often a whole subject of a painting can be based around a colour inspiration and I cannot get it on canvas quickly enough! I paint in a predominately expressive style focusing on the life force with in the subject …more as I feel the subject rather than how I see it, often with a naïve bent of simple joy.”

Gerry’s move to the Mornington Peninsula was a deliberate and inspiring one. After much hard work she was able to pursue her vocation at full speed, with the purchase of large studio space her beloved purpose built printmaking press and a spectacularly beautiful rural landscape and garden to provide her with ever changing subjects to paint and produce her unique lino cut prints. Now represented at Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, Sorrento, Glenferrie and at Holloway Gallery in Moffat Beach, Queensland, Gerry has looked to extend her work by producing a collection of Australian-made art cards supplied to galleries and fine bookstores .

Gerry’s unique linocut prints are created in the reduction method used notably by Picasso. One block is used the lino block is cut away as every new colour is printed until there is no lino left. Gerry does each piece by hand in the studio so consequently every one is slightly unique being done by hand with great care. They are very limited editions usually from only five to fifteen ever made. Often these linocuts are inspired by Gerry’s garden and the Mornington Peninsula where she spends much time amongst her flowers with her chickens and other pets in tow! Gerry’s work has developed a large local following locally and nationally. Her work is held in private, government and international collections in America, Sweden and Italy.

Gerry was in the final two artist selected for a major corporate calendar in Japan in 2017,Is the feature artist for an international  conference to be held in 2019 for The Bouverie Center La Trobe University and has a exhibition planned for 2019 with Manyung Gallery.

For more information visit or like me on Facebook at Gerry Knight- Artist for work updates Gerry's work is available at Manyung Gallery and Holloway Gallery on the Sunshine Coast at Moffat Beach .Follow me on Instagram at gerryknightartist.

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