Gina Fishman


Hold On
acrylic 105x125cm
Ginger in Art
acrylic 79x95cm
acrylic 65x95cm
Chanel in Chadstone
acrylic 95x78cm
*Fashion Study
acrylic 28x23cm
*Fashion Study 2
acrylic 28x23cm
*Fashion Study Pair
acrylic 30x30cm
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About Gina Fishman

















 GINA FISHMAN I was born and grew up in Melbourne Australia.  My career began after completing a Bachelor of Education in Art & Craft with major studies in Textile design & Metal Work. With a strong interest in the fashion industry and a special interest in knitwear, I began working as a design writer for Coats Patons . Soon lured to the fashion world of New York, I relocated to the USA and developed a successful career as a knitwear designer.  I lived and worked as a specialist designer in New York for 7 years travelling regularly to the Orient and Europe. I worked for a number of companies in the USA including SSG by Catherine lover, Liz Claiborne accessories and later Jennifer Reed, where for many  years I had the opportunity to design private label sweaters for  many  major department stores including Macy's, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, & Lord and Taylor.  

On my return to Australia I continued to design knitwear for the US market. I always had a passion for painting, and eventually worked  as a full time artist.  My art hangs in homes around the globe, but my love for fashion, colour and design inspired me to  open my own retail stores/ gallery. I then spent the next 10 years as a Fashion retailer creating Hues Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

In 2014 after a 10 year hiatus, I returned to my first love, painting. Influenced by the many years 

I worked as a colourist/designer, my current work reflects my past experiences as a fashion 

retailer, stylist and designer. Contemporary and varied in subject matter, 

my paintings celebrate my experiences and observations of everyday life, events and people. I am 

particularly drawn to water scenes and the joy of experiencing the great Australian beaches we 

are surrounded by.  



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