Helen Goodear


etch 48x39cm
etch 48x39cm
etch 42x45cm
etch 39x39cm
etch 48x39cm
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etch 29x24cm
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About Helen Goodear

I have been making art and exhibiting for over twenty years. Born in Far Northern New South Wales, I studied in Sydney and in Brisbane, gaining my teacher qualification, with a major in expressive, visual and performing arts. There followed several influential years of travel throughout Australia, Asia and Europe, living and working in London and Auckland before settling in Melbourne. I  have returned to teaching, both in primary school art and adult education.  

I have explored my themes in many media, mainly painting and printmaking. I recently completed further study in the visual arts.

I was awarded the Fiona Myer and Myer Foundation National Travel Grant in 2015.

My glazed, blurred oil paintings explore diffused and dappled light. I mainly represent trees and foliage in the landscape. I am interested in shadows and reflections, and ambiguity.

I draw on memories of my country childhood to investigate ideas of safety and sanctuary. I like to look at how shapes can appear distorted and vague and out of focus, much like our memories.

I am interested in exploiting the medium, with multiple layers, and rubbing back to reveal negative spaces. I am concerned with contrasting finishes, shiny and matte.




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