Hilary Senhanli


MIX 60x48cm
Busy Boys
MIX 78x61cm
Mother and Child on the Beach
MIX 44x58cm
Children Engaged
MIX 60x77cm
Love the Spring*
MIX 30x30cm
I'm Curious*
MIX 30x30cm
Me and My Pet*
MIX 30x30cm
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About Hilary Senhanli

Melbourne based visual artist Hilary Senhanli graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts under the tutorage of Pam Hallandal. Later studying and painting in London and Brussels she exhibited annually with Arts Perspective International and back in Australia with numerous commercial galleries.

A consistent finalist in many important Australian art prizes, her compositions are developed from observations of people and society. She experiments with different mixed media with the aim of viewing ordinary things in a new light and yet it is the quality of the gesture which gives her work its power.


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