Jennifer Webb


Timeless Yarra
MIX 102x102cm
Summer Night Southbank
ACR 122x91cm
Twilight Sailing - Albert Park Lake
ACR 122x122cm
Nightfall - Albert Park Lake
ACR 64x94cm
Tango Moment
ACR 105x78cm
Ocean Shore VIII
MIX 90x90cm
On the Rocks
MIX 102x102cm
Footbridge on Yarra*
ACR 28x28cm
Princes on Yarra*
ACR 28x28cm
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About Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb, Artist in residence at Port Art Gallery, has been consistently painting Melbourne, portraying various water views around Melbourne city since her nostalgic return from Brazil , some 14 years ago. Seeing Melbourne through new eyes had renewed her long term endearment to the city as a source of inspiration in her paintings.

In the most recent direction in this semi-abstract series her chosen theme (Melbourne skylines) still inspires but the scenes have been stripped back and reinterpreted into their most basic and essential abstract shapes.

These studies in tone, form and colour have very little of the figurative detail of her previous Melbourne works, but all of the textures, ambience and mood with hints of recognisable landmarks as subtle yet significant focal points.

Webb has also consistently painted water (the ocean and also reflections series) for many years as well as figures. She started painting at age 11 and although has many favourite modern and old masters, her approach does not reflect one or the other, but rather a true desire to approach each subject in a manner befitting the relationship she has with it.




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