Jenny Riddle


Hillside Fields
ACR 92x112cm
Treeline Hill
ACR 86x183cm
Sunshine Through the Rain
ACR 86x160cm
Coastal Conifer
ACR 122x122cm
Trees to the Hills
ACR 92x92cm
From the Meadow
ACR 92x112cm
Sea Cliff Bay
ACR 92x112cm
From Clouds Above
ACR 92x112cm
Pastures Green
ACR 56x56cm
The Field Tree
ACR 56x56cm
Shades of Trees
ACR 56x56cm
Where the Tree Stands and Clouds Fall
ACR 137x183cm
Sea Change*
ACR 30x30cm
Together They Stand*
ACR 30x30cm
Rain Field*
ACR 30x30cm
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About Jenny Riddle

A highlight of the 2012 exhibition will be the work of Feature Artist, Jenny Riddle. Jenny will showcase a series of landscape and Seaside paintings titled “Coast, Clouds and Conifers”.

Surrounded by coastlines and nestled in the rural hills makes the Peninsula rich with atmospheric inspiration. The light in this region has a European ambiance with its filtered light, changing weather and rich vegetation. The moods created from this light is captured in Riddle’s works with her signature atmospheric skies, layered movements and textured contrasts.

Her seascapes and landscapes are created from memory and the imagined, enabling Riddle to capture the emotional response rather than a literal representation. Evoking expression of beauty, power and solitude. Riddle studied under the late Howard Arkley and has been influenced by some of the greats in Turner and Constable.

Jenny is a regular exhibitor at Manyung Gallery. And has works held in national and international collections.

Qualification & Education

1988 - 1989 Advanced Certificate of Art and Design Moorabbin College of TAFE (Painting under Howard Arkley) 1990 - 1992 Associate Diploma of Art (Visual Merchandising), Melbourne College of Decoration


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