Jim Tatlis


Sorrento - Dromana
oil 33x38cm
Kanarook Creek
oil 48x58cm
oil 101x72cm
Phone & Games
oil 51x51cm
*Boy with Guitar
oil 30x25cm
*The Boy & The Guitar
pastel 23x18cm
oil 25x30cm
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About Jim Tatlis

Modern, contemporary Melbourne artist, enjoys creating artworks that have an essence of beauty and are rich in colour and textures.
Received third prize in the little Archie's @ oak hill gallery, Mornington. Sept 2012, received Fran Henke Award for the attainment of excellence within the Diploma of Visual Arts. Exhibited at Time and Tide exhibition for emerging artists held by Toyota community spirit. Port Melbourne. January, 2015 was the launch of a new clothes label...    
 A unique clothes brand that is dedicated to the "individual" by providing a range of clothes that offer 100% original & unique style with  images created 100% by modern artists. 100% made in Australia, 100% Quality, 100% Cotton, 100% ART-ee....

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