Jo-Ann Hunt


Summer Mates
ACR 121x91cm
Three's a Crowd
ACR 101x51cm
It's My Turn
ACR 122x41cm
The Castle's Queen
ACR 122x41cm
A Place to Dance
ACR 122x122cm
Days End*
ACR 25x20cm
ACR 30x30cm
Long Hot Summers*
ACR 30x30cm
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About Jo-Ann Hunt

Jo-Ann Hunt

Series: The Child Within I want to capture the essence of the ‘Wonder –Years’ …. those awkward, optimistic, invincible, energetic, fearless years. I want these paintings to be of today’s children, but to stir memories of our own childhood… that lovely limbo-land between innocence and awakening to the realities of the world…a snapshot of childhood caught between innocence and independence. This Series is painted with one foot in the present, and one in the past! I believe art should enrich our lives, enhance our wellbeing, our homes, and our visual awareness. In the past few years my work has moved away from traditional realism, to a more personal, stylized interpretative art. People often tell me that my paintings “make them smile.. and bring back so many happy memories." I think that is because there is a degree of nostalgia, a hint of times past, in my work. And I think it is this shared response to happy memories that connects. I want people to enjoy living with my art. I believe art should be felt, as well as viewed!

BACKGROUND: 2001- Present Full-time, professional Visual Artist, Melbourne, Victoria With a degree in Art Education and Fashion, Jo-Ann’s eclectic artistic journey began as Art Teacher, then spanned the costume departments of the Melbourne Theatre Company and Opera Australia, as Designer with iconic fashion label “The House of Merivale and Mr John”, and finally as Head Designer with major international brand Patons, with her designs, colours and books sold in Australia and internationally. Moving to Thailand reignited her love for art and illustration, with magazine commissions, a range of prints for the interior design markets, and on returning to Australia, the seemingly innocuous decision to enter two local Art Shows where she won three prizes, became the catalyst to embrace a studio-based career. Jo-Ann’s imagery is positive, life-affirming, youthful, and celebrates the simple pleasures of a life lived near the coast, and since 2001 she has painted fulltime to satisfy demand for her unique works

Some of her Awards and Exhibitions include 2012 Camberwell Rotary Art Show Highly Commended and Featured Artist, Art Melbourne 2004-20011, Art Sydney 2004-2010, 2011 Hartwell Art Show Best Acrylic, 2001 Chelsea Art Show Best Pastel and Highly Commended, 2004 Strathcona Art Show Highly Commended, awarded by Paul Fitzgerald AO, 2001 Roberts McCubbin Featured Artist, 2012-2001 St Kevins Art Show, 2001 St Kevins Art Show Highly Commended, awarded by Jon Dwyer, Director of Christies Fine Art.

Jo-Ann’s art proudly hangs in homes in Germany, the U.K. Thailand, U.S, Canada and every state in Australia.

Jo-Ann exhibits regularly and her work can be found at Manyung Gallery in Sorrento, Malvern and Mount Eliza, Victoria

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