John Madsen


Rainy Day - The Strand
ETCH 85x61cm
ETCH 66x46cm
Kitchen Still Life with Oranges
C/GRAPH 62x48cm
Kitchen Still Life with Pears
C/GRAPH 62x48cm
Chimneys - London*
ETCH 30x25cm
Alhambra - Granada*
ETCH 30x25cm
Gardens: Mesquita - Cordoba*
ETCH 30x25cm
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About John Madsen

A Printmaker with a string of awards and commendations, John dabbled in drawing and watercolour for some thirty years. In retirement, he was introduced to print making. He soon became enthralled with the various techniques and alchemy of the medium. He completed a diploma course under his inspiring tutor, Tim Jones. He has been printmaking ever since, with his main love being Copper Etching. His style is distinctive, sometimes whimsical. John loves the handcrafting involved in the process and he has, an affinity with the built environment and the industrial landscapes of English artist Lowry. John’s passion for cooking and good food informs his still lives, as well as Italian artist Morandi. He also creates striking land and sea scapes, particularly influenced by travels abroad and decades of living on the Mornington Peninsula. Other images are little observations from a lifetime of noting human foibles. He does limited runs of his work. John intends to keep printmaking “until death do us part”! John’s works can be seen at Panoply Gallery, 1418 Malvern Rd., Glen Iris.

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