Lara Russell


Reed Lookout Grampians
OIL 75x100cm
Mungo 13
OIL 101x76cm
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About Lara Russell

Originally trained as a Graphic Designer at Monash University, Lara turned her perspective to fine art in 2005 after returning to Melbourne following extended periods living in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Struck by vastness, movement, clarity of light and richness of colour, an interest to explore the unique and diverse scenes of "home" was born. Predominantly attracted to natural themes allowing for the expressive interpretation of our physical world, Lara's style is instinctive and spontaneous, aiming to present the essence of a place rather than a photographic likeness. Lara has concentrated on seeking out the rhythms inherent in nature to bring movement and emotion to static subject matter. Lara particularly enjoys working to capture the unique forms, spatial qualities and effects of changing light and colour within beyond-average environments, hence a focus over the last two years has been the creation of a group of paintings reflecting the dramatic lunar-like scenes of Mungo National Park.

She is involved in Scenic Art and mural work and instructs adult artists with intellectual disabilities

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