Leah Mariani


Superheroes in Training
linocut 41x33cm
Little Princes
linocut 41x33cm
Both Sides of the Story
Linocut 43x51cm
The Cocktail Hour
linocut 43x51cm
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About Leah Mariani

Leah Mariani is a Melbourne based figurative artist, producing prints, paintings, drawings and collage. Relationships and childhood experiences are ongoing themes. She is particularly interested in pattern, line and colour.

Prizes for which she has been shortlisted include the 2016 Hornsby Prize, 2016 She competition, 2015 Flanagan Art Prize, Lethbridge 10000 Small-Scale Art Prize 2012 - 2014, the 2013 Agendo Award and the 2011 Metro Award. In 2013 she won the Yen magazine female artist award and in 2014 she won Best Work on Paper at the Albert Park Collage Art Show.

She frequency exhibits around Australia and has exhibited at art fairs in New Zealand and Singapore. Her next exhibition is based on Alice in Wonderland and will be showing in July 2018.

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