Licia Pappas


Dromana Beach Boxes
acrylic 50x75cm
Beach Boxes at Dromana
acrylic 60x75cm
click on artwork to see a larger version

About Licia Pappas

My name is Licia and I was born in 1966.  I am an Artist who is not afraid of change and new Mediums and styles. I started with pencil and charcoal portraits when I was in my early 20's.  I then had a 25 year hiatus due to work and motherhood commitments.  Two years ago I was diagnoses with a brittle bone condition and due to requiring a new gentle past-time I decided to pick up the pencils again.  When I exhibited in my first Artshow I could see that larger and stretched canvas paintings where more appealing to me.  I started off with seascapes then moved on to the beach boxes, exhibited in this show, and  I have also enjoyed painting birds and have loved portraying many of these.  I am currently relishing Still Life Nudes as this combines my love of the human form and using paint instead of charcoal as my medium.  

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