Lily French


*Japanese Blossom Red
acrylic 30x30cm
*Japanese Blossom Blue
acrylic 30x30cm
*Japanese Blossom Green
acrylic 30x30cm
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About Lily French

"Art is a way of expressing personality and releasing creative energy using masses of colour. What can become of a blank canvas is what fuels my drive and passion for the Arts. Watching a piece come to life is an exciting experience" Lilian French.

Lilian's pieces are often spontaneously composed from a fleeting thought that later develops into an extreme visual, making it's way onto the canvas.

Contemporary in style, some of the pieces border on true to life with heavy folk art tendencies. Inspired by colour, her works are an explosion of mixes and shades, transcended from the tiniest of paintbrushes right through to the largest of sponges and other interesting implements, bringing the piece together to create an interesting visual. 

Her subjects of choice are botanicals and the female form, particularly portraits from the shoulders up, and an unusual contrast to this, is her fondness for whimsical streetscapes in every palate imaginable. The women in particular are characterized by distinctive skin colour and from diverse parts of the world, with emphasis on serenity and harmony, which is seemingly apparent in her work. There is also an obvious mark which appears in every piece of the later works and has become somewhat of an attribute within her craft. 

The butterfly.  

A symbol of endurance, change, hope and freedom, all of which are affirmations close and dear to Lilian's heart.

She was born and raised in Adelaide South Australia and her passion for the arts began from a very young age. With some nurturing, inspiration and guidance, she was able to pursue her dream for colour and creativity and continue to enjoy doing what she loves.

Adelaide has proven to be a wonderful window of exposure and Lilian is grateful to have been involved with various festivals and exhibitions Australia wide.

Each piece of art  will be perceived differently by every viewer and that is truly, the beauty of art.

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