Lisa Coutts


ACR 51x76cm
The Faraway Girl Again
ACR 57x77cm
Fly Away Lacewing
ACR 51x76cm
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About Lisa Coutts

Lisa is a Melbourne illustrator who has illustrated many books and items mostly in the children’s market thanks to her charming character based style.

Lisa works with dry pastel or acrylic paints for its light, soft texture.  She does not often plan her images in detail, rather they evolve like writing a song or story. Her work is strongly influenced by the seasons, and really the everyday - perhaps a the capture of a moment of a much bigger feeling.

Her illustrative style has found great popularity with children and adults alike.

Lisa hopes viewers can relate to what they see and not only ponder what Lisa was thinking when creating  the scene, but relate the image their own experience. Her work is owned and treasured by people all over Australia and the world.

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