Lisa Cox


Capture this Moment
MIX 120x120cm
Finding My Way Back to You
MIX 76x152cm
MIX 90x120cm
By Your Side
MIX 61x152cm
Journey East
MIX 90x90cm
Finch Feeding
MIX 60x60cm
Isn't it Midnight?
MIX 60x60cm
MIX 30x30cm
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About Lisa Cox

Prior to painting I was teaching children, a career that allowed me to be creative and imaginative whilst teaching the children in my care. After having my own children, the love affair with painting and creating began. My whimsical style developed over the next few years as I was painting and teaching workshops full time. 

I have returned to teaching full time and am the  Learning Support Coordinator at the Penbank Campus of Woodleigh School. A position I am am very blessed to have been appointed to. I still find time to paint as it is a passion of mine and I find it a perfect way to relax. I work mostly on private commissions and art shows.

 I like to think that my paintings speak to others and evoke stories of beautiful places and happy times.

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