Margaret Mitchell


The Quiet Self
INK 51x41cm
The Shy Self
INK 51x40cm
The Zen Self
INK 60x41cm
3 Aspects of Self
MIX 81x61cm
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About Margaret Mitchell

Margaret is a creative person with it’s many forms of expression. From a young age she has been drawn to the words “balance and harmony”. What do they mean in practical life and how do you attain them? The exploration of these words has taken her on many roads in her life. Marrying into a Greek family and bringing up four children in a multi-cultural environment. Designing major renovations for homes and being her own builder and interior designer. Illustrating children’s educational books has drawn to her recognition by state ministry.

Her creativity has also extended to creating and cartooning characters for educational computer programs. At her first painting exhibition of works on paper and canvas she received an award from Leonard Long. In 2006 Margaret was a national price winner in the “She” exhibition, run by the Walker Street Gallery.

The discovery that harmony and balance is something that cannot be controlled long term from the external environment but is truly a state of being, that Margaret connects to and sometimes finds herself disconnected from in her journey, has inspired her current works on canvas and paper.

The adventure of daring to create artistic works on paper and canvas has taken her from closed down spaces of fear and trembling to places of ecstasy, where she has touched profound knowing and a deeper meaning of life.

The adventure into knowing the feelings of peace and harmony and stabilising them from within has drawn her to exploring the female form. Through the female form she allows herself to be exposed as she intends to make practical her experiences. She uses a variety of materials from collage paper on canvas to express the different aspects of her life and the layers of life’s adventures that seem to go beyond her personal form. She also uses colour to reflect feeling and simplicity of form, to remind her to keep life simple.

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