Mariann Johannsen Ellis


The Daisy Tree
etching 50x45cm
Just Follow Your Guiding Star
etching 47x57cm
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About Mariann Johannsen Ellis

“I love stories, they are not only what we are, but who we are going to be”. Based on the coast of Spain and accomplished not only as an artist but a teacher too, Mariann creates exquisite prints for children and young hearts, weaving stories together with her loveable characters, vivid colours and whimsical dreamlike settings. “It is important for me to tell a story in each print, or rather, give you the  opportunity to explore the stories that you see in the images. Storytelling is one of the great traditions of mankind, and I can remember vividly listening to the adults around me as a child. My images are meant to be heirlooms, that your children will hand down to their children, bringing with them their own memories of the stories told to them’. Indeed, elements of Mariann’s own joyful upbringing on her grandparent’s farm by the sea can be found peppered throughout her works, demonstrating to us the wonderful, omnipresent nature and hold of our childhood memories. Mariann’s colourful adventures as a grown up also inform her work, from her years living in Europe, South East Asia and Australia – creating, exhibiting and teaching with great passion. Etchings are handmade original prints, each image being etched with a fine point onto a copper plate with the help of acid. Once the plate is etched, each plate is inked up by hand and printed with an etching press onto special printmaking paper. This of course means that each print is unique, and that there can be small differences from print to print. This is what makes etchings originals, rather than mass produced prints. The inks used in the etching process are inks especially made for printmaking, and are totally light resistant. Each etching is an edition. This means that the number you see in the left hand corner, for example 2/40, tells you that this is the second edition of a print of forty. After the edition has been completed the print is deliberately scratched so that it cannot be used again. This wonderful process creates beautiful results – the splendour of which never ceases to delight when the etchings are experienced in their tangible form.

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