Mark Bentley


White Bird with Blue Wing
acrylic 102x76cm
Blue Bird with Pink Wing
acrylic 102x76cm
Pink Bird with Green Wing
acrylic 60x45cm
click on artwork to see a larger version

About Mark Bentley

Mark was born in Ballarat, Victoria and from a young age always had an interest in drawing and painting.

He studied Fine Art at Ballarat University (majoring in Graphic Design) and after graduating moved to Melbourne where he worked at a number of ad agencies and design studios. He is currently Creative Director of one of Australia’s leading corporate design houses.

Mark’s work has a graphic edge to it, exploring the simplistic use of line using built-up layers and textures. To look into one of his canvases is to appreciate the many and varied ways that textures cut and intersect each other adding depth and form.

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