Melinda Pile


Forest Blush
acrylic 101x76cm
Plum Trees
acrylic 61x61cm
Shady Patch
acrylic 91x91cm
Midnight Summer Garden
acrylic 76x76cm
Night Garden
acrylic 106x137cm
Sunset Sky
acrylic 76x61cm
Best Neighbours Ever
acrylic 76x76cm
Portsea Boathouses
acrylic 76x76cm
Left off Pickles Street
acrylic 76x76cm
Saturday in the Suburbs
acrylic 137x117cm
Essence of Summer
acrylic 91x91cm
Camping Bayside
acrylic 101x152cm
A Cool Day
acrylic 51x40cm
*Smoke Haze
acrylic 30x30cm
*New Shoots
acrylic 30x30cm
*Autumn Hue
acrylic 30x30cm
Let's Talk About You and Me
acrylic 91x61cm
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About Melinda Pile

With a lifelong passion for the natural world and botany studies under her belt, Melinda expresses her love of nature and organic forms in her stylised landscapes. What started as an enjoyment of intricate watercolour plant studies, evolved into vivid, intricate, bolder acrylic pieces that have become a firm favourite in a number of states across Australia. Inspired by pattern, texture and adding in a quirky cartoon styling, Melinda shares the joy of the world around her. Even though Melinda has her roots firmly planted in the natural world which is her first passion, she is fascinated by the concept of how people in rural and urban communities relate to one and other and their environment. Melinda's work is an expression of her curiosity and reflects these relationships in a way that is highly relatable. Her work is uniquely identifiable and can be seen on show at Canterbury Art Exhibition in March 2020 where she is a Feature Artist.


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