Meredith Gaston


Raspberry Faces
ACRYLIC 122x84cm
Vanilla Faces
ACRYLIC 122x84cm
The Gathering (Diptych)
ACRYLIC 61x122cm
Bosco With Puffin
ACRYLIC 60x60cm
Ruby With Bird
ACRYLIC 72x72cm
Dimitree With Bird
ACRYLIC 72x72cm
ACRYLIC 66x66cm
ACRYLIC 72x72cm
Noah's Arc
W/C 120x77cm
Saturday Series 1
ACRYLIC 30x30cm
Saturday Series 2
ACRYLIC 30x30cm
Dancing Girls 1
ACRYLIC 30x30cm
Dancing Girls 2
ACRYLIC 30x30cm
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About Meredith Gaston


Meredith Gaston is an internationally acclaimed Australian artist, best-selling author, and passionate wellness advocate. Celebrating the release of her seventh book ‘The Art of Kindness – Caring for Ourselves, Each Other and Our Earth , Meredith continues to grow her prolific and diverse creative practise.

Meredith’s playfully sophisticated signature style and inspirational words bring comfort and joy to many. Her lovingly illustrated books are translated into foreign languages, her original artworks and limited edition prints collected worldwide.

While exhibiting her artwork locally and abroad from a young age, Meredith graduated from The University of Sydney, majoring in Art History and Theory and Gender and Cultural Studies. Continuing her education as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Meredith frequently features in the media and public sphere discussing wellbeing and creativity in daily life.

Meredith lives with her husband and spirited poodle Rudi on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula of Victoria. This year she will celebrated the release of her eighth book ‘Find Your Sparkle, Embracing the Magic of Life’ and the launch of her label ‘Love Meredith’ – Boutique giftware inspired by nature, and devoted to women’s wellbeing.

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