Micheline Abrahamson


Sisters 2
acrylic 136x136cm
Magic Nights
acrylic 121x121cm
acrylic 76x61cm
Windows of my Mind
acrylic 100x100cm
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About Micheline Abrahamson

With a diverse family background of many cultures and customs, Mich was not short of influences and her paintings are emotions of the extraordinary life she leads. Her works illustrate the cultures and landscapes of many countries, showing all the life and colour and they have to offer. Her works are filled with splashes of bold and distinguished marks, creating movement across the canvas. An explosion of emotions and colour that captivate the viewer. As Mich travels through Africa, Europe and the Australian outback the viewer becomes exposed to her strong bond with these continents. The “AFRICAN” the “MED” and the “OUTBACK” series invites the viewer to experience the textures, colour and unity these continents have to offer in the most unique way. Capturing the people, the environment and the melting pot of colours unique to these continents, Mich brings beauty, balance and harmony to her canvases.

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