Michelle Katsouranis


Watching from the Inside
OIL 101x101cm
By the Blue Garden
OIL 30x91cm
INK 23x23cm
Singing Guitar
INK 23x23cm
Backbend over Bird*
INK 23x23cm
INK 23x23cm
The Yoga Class*
INK 23x23cm
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About Michelle Katsouranis

Michelle Katsouranis was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1970.

She studied Graphic Design at Swinburne University and has been

working as a freelance illustrator since graduating in 1991.

As an illustrator she works in a varied range of styles and her clients

include design studios, book and magazine publishers and

advertising agencies. Some of her illustration clients include: Coles

Myer, Melbourne Museum, Yarra Valley Water, The Age, Australia

post, Penguin Books, Crayola, GQ Magazine, Loreto/Mandaville Hall

and many more. She has also produced greeting card ranges for

companies in Australia, the UK and USA.

Michelle is also an Iyengar yoga teacher.



People, birds and nature are painted as colourful shapes

against light filled backgrounds. Nature, Yoga and the movements

of everyday life inspire Michelle’s paintings. Layered oil paint gives a mosaic

like texture from which silhouettes of people, birds, fish and trees emerge.

Michelle exhibits at the Without Pier Gallery and in many group exhibitions.


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