Monica Adams


Abstract Rose Panel 1
OIL 91x198cm
Abstract In Red And White
OIL 120x120cm
Child Panel 1
OIL 91x167cm
Child Panel 2
OIL 91x167cm
OIL 198x198cm
OIL 183x183cm
I Dream In White
OIL 167x167cm
In Her Dance - Blue Tutu
OIL 120x120cm
Leaning Ballerina In Brown Dress
OIL 152x120cm
Leaning Ballerina In Red And Yellow
OIL 152x120cm
A Rose For You 1
OIL 56x56cm
A Rose For You 2
OIL 56x56cm
Red Rose For You 3
OIL 56x56cm
Red Rose For You 1
OIL 56x56cm
Red Rose For You 5
OIL 56x56cm
Her Wish
OIL 120x120cm
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About Monica Adams

Monica Adams b.1971 I began as an artist at Monash University where I studied for 4 years and truly loved every minute in the study of art theory and studio also. I then at the end of third year Had my first solo show at Kirkaldy Davies gallery. I have then exhibited for the last 15 years continuosly in many galleries, working as an artist full time. I know work at home in my large studio where my works surround every room of my house, I love and live my art. Painting for me is about colour texture and the pure love of paint, its runny and thick abilities, drips and fantastic surprises. The drawn line is also important as for me it creates a perfect contrast to the paint.

1. Flower Series – The first of the three series conceptualises the use of flowers in our lives as memory, for romance and to show we care in the special and tragic occasions of our lives. Flowers used in this format are often used as a sign of beauty and to cheer our mood. Flowers are used in these ways to intensify the spiritual side of our lives.

2. Child Series – This series combines the above commentary as well as a symbol of the child. The artworks represent the child in all of us through Angelic symbolism. Children offer us so much and often represent new beginnings and hope. Whilst the child may grow in so many directions, it’s intrinsic beauty will remain, even if hidden. Like the all encompassing Hindu word "OM (Aum)", the flowers falling around the child therefore represent all that has been, is, and will be.

EDUCATION 2000 Studying and working in United Kingdom, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Egypt 1996 Monash University, College of Art and Design, Melbourne (Bachelor of Fine Art – Honours) 1995 Monash University, College of Art and Design, Melbourne (Bachelor of Fine Art)

SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011 Canterberry Art show - Feature artist 2011 Manyung Gallery 2010 Nexus Modern Art 2010 Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza 2009 Jackman Gallery 2008 Jackman Gallery 2007 Jackman Gallery 2004 Jackman Gallery 2004 Gadfly Gallery, Perth 2003 The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 2003 Gadfly Gallery, Perth 2002 "Metaphor" The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 2001 "Beauty" The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 2000 "The Powder Room" The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 1999 "Street Portraits" Indigo Studios, Melbourne 1999 "Bordello" The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 1998 "Scarlet Letter" Indigo Studios , Melbourne 1998 "Scarlet Letter" Melbourne Fringe Festival Installation, Swanston Walk, Melbourne 1998 "Changing Faces" Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne 1996 "Inner Picture" Kircaldy Davies Gallery, Sth Yarra, Melbourne

GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2010 Nexus Modern Art-True Self 2010 Manyung Sorrento - Opening exhibition 2010 Glenferrie contempory art Gallery 2009 Canterberry art show 2009 Nexus Stockroom 2009 Jackman Gallery 2008 Jackman Gallery 2007 Jackman gallery 2003UrbanThe Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 2002 Manyung Gallery, Mornington 2002 "R Rated" The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 2002 "The Red Show" The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne 2002 Gasworks Sculpture Bienale, Melbourne 2000 "D.I.Y" The Faculty Gallery, Monash University Gallery, Caulfield Campus, curated by Malcom Bywaters 2000 "Environment" Switchback Gallery, Monash University, Gippsland Campus, 1999 "New Horizons" Mass Gallery, Melbourne 2000 "D.I.Y" Switchback Gallery, Monash University, Gippsland, Victoria Curated by Malcom Bywaters 1998 "Christmas Exhibition" Bulle Galleries, Melbourne 1998 "Emerging Artists Group Show" Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne

TEACHING EXPERIENCE/POSITIONS HELD 2000-Current Life Drawing, General Drawing, Painting Lecturer, Indigo Studios Director, Indigo Studios Guest speaker, Arts Business Seminar, Swinburne University of Technology, Wantirna Campus, Victoria 1996-1999 Co-Director, Indigo Studios Painting, Life Drawing Lecturer, Indigo studios

RESIDENCIES 2002 Artist in residency, Caulfield Grammar 2001 Artist in residency, Caulfield Grammar 2001 Artist in residency, Frankston TAFE 2000 Artist in residence, Rigozza Print Studios, Italy 1997 Artist in residence, Caulfield Grammar

COLLECTIONS The Monash University Collection, Clayton Campus Caulfield Grammar Collection,Private Collections in United Kingdom, Singapore, France and United States.

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