Nellie Zimmerman


Jelly Fish Garden II
acrylic 90x60cm
Rolling Hills of Flora II
acrylic 120x120cm
Rolling Hills of Flora I
acrylic 50x50cm
*Underwater Flora
acrylic 30x30cm
*Sand Dunes and Flora
acrylic 30x30cm
Serenading Peacocks
acrylic 120x120cm
click on artwork to see a larger version

About Nellie Zimmerman


I was was born in Kharkov Ukraine and emigrated to Australia in 1979 as a young child.
Art has always been my true passion and has dominated both my professional and personal pursuits. As a school child I displayed extraordinary focus and dedicated many hours to private lessons in oil painting  and sketching.
Since 1994 I have enjoyed a challenging and successful career as a Graphic Designer. Although I thrived in the corporate world, the birth of my daughters Lara Bella and Ariella presented me with the inspiration and opportunity to make painting my primary occupation as well as providing a creative outlet.


Most of the time I don’t use a paint brush: I apply the paint generously and use a variety of materials to model it to create a textured base. In my artwork I have combined acrylic and collage. I have developed a variety of techniques including multi-layered paintwork, and the incorporation of different materials including inlaid fragments of my own work to achieve interesting surface effects.


My main inspiration is drawn from the love of Australian nature,  and the urban environment as well as my own sense of  symbolism, placement and balance.  The work has been well  received, and much interest has sparked over what has become my signature textured technique.


2003 Studio Craft Gallery, South Yarra
2004 Tusk Gallery, South Yarra
2005 Nero Fine Art, Caulfield North 
2005 Articulate Gallery, Caulfield North
2006 Castleman Gallery, Black Rock
2006 Sorrento Flinders Fine Art Gallery, Sorrento and Flinders
2007 Art Melb ’07, Royal Exhibition Building
2007  Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
2007 Southern Golf Club
2007 Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
2007 Art Sydney ’07 Fox Studios
2007 Portsea Gallery
2007 Tusk Gallery Camberwell
2008 Art Melb ’08, Royal Exhibition Building
2008 Art Brisbane 
2008 Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
2008 Art Sydney ’08 Fox Studios
2008 Mingara Gallery, Cowes

2009 Art Melb ’09, Royal Exhibition Building
2009  Canterbury Art Show 
2009 Glenferrie Road Contemporary Art, Malvern Melbourne
2009 Art Sydney ’08 Fox Studios
2009 Glenferrie Road Contemporary Art, Malvern Melbourne
2009 Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
2010 Art Melb ’10, Royal Exhibition Building
2010 Canterbury Art Exhibition
2010 Art Sydney ’08 Fox Studios
2010 Balmain Art and craftshow
2010 Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
2011 Art Melb ’11, Royal Exhibition Building
2011 Suburban Gallery, 312 New Street, Brighton
2011 Group Exhibition, Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
2012 Group Exhibition, Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
2013 David Hart Galleries Sunshine Coast

2013 David Hart Galleries Mooloolaba 
2014 Camberwell Art Show, Swinburne University, Hawthorn, VIC
2015 April Art In Tune, Brighton Rotary, The School House.

2015 Oct Sandringham Art Show, Sandy Yacht Club

2016 29th April - 1st May, CANTERBURY ART SHOW

2016 1st MAY 2016, Art Connected 

2016 20th May- 19th June 2016, YERING STATION WINERY, Yarra Valley

2017 Panoply Gallery South Yarra

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