Nikki Perzuck


ACR 112x137cm
Country Escape
ACR 112x137cm
Rainbow Twist
ACR 112x137cm
Red Sundance
ACR 122x152cm
Chasing The Sunrise
ACR 122x122cm
ACR 122x152cm
Exploring A Red Journey
ACR 122x92cm
Escape To The Ocean
ACR 122x92cm
ACR 92x92cm
Journey 1 *
ACR 30x30cm
Journey 2 *
ACR 30x30cm
Journey 3 *
ACR 30x30cm
Capture The Moment
ACR 92x92cm
ACR 76x61cm
Journey In time
ACR 76x92cm
Magical Festival
ACR 91x61cm
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About Nikki Perzuck

Nikki Perzuck is a Melbourne based artist who believes the purpose of her painting is to uplift the spirit. Nikki’s paintings invite you to explore a dynamic culmination of vibrant colour, imagery and adventure. “Through the pathways I create, I try to combine movement between interwoven shapes and forms. I like to use interesting colour mixes and layered textures to translate this energy into imagery. I tend to immerse myself in this journey and infuse nature and the diverse cultures that have impacted on me”. 

A major source of inspiration for Nikki has been her extensive travels overseas whilst the Australian landscape is her dominant influence with its extraordinary sunsets, countryside and coastal views. Her works are a celebration of the simple things in life and she captures them using eclectic imagery and exciting movement.

Nikki recently exhibited her works again at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, the “Spirit of Art” Exhibition in London, the“Little Treasures” Exhibition in Bologna, Italy and the “Creative Energy” Exhibition at the Estense Castle in Ferrara, Italy. She has been the feature artist for the Canterbury Art Show and Balmain Art Show in Sydney. Nikki has also exhibited at Art Melbourne and Art Sydney for afew years and has been involved in several successful exhibitions both locally and internationally.

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For more on Nikki Perzuck see

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