Nola Bailey


Life Cycle 1
TEXT 52x52cm
Life Cycle 2
TEXT 52x52cm
Life Cycle 3
TEXT 52x52cm
Life Cycle 4
TEXT 52x52cm
Corsetry Series, Laced, Embraced 1
TEXT 52x42cm
Corsetry Series, Laced, Embraced 2
TEXT 52x42cm
TEXT SCUL 150x35cm
Pot Of Longing
TEXT 35x35cm
Thoughts Of Kyoto
TEXT 52x52cm
TEXT 52x42cm
Osaka Ranchu
TEXT 52x42cm
TEXT 52x42cm
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About Nola Bailey

Nola Bailey is an established textile artist. She is a founding member of the ‘Hurrah’ group of contemporary Australian textile artists with a 15 year history of biennial exhibitions. Her work is distinguished by her love of colour and eye for fine detail. The incorporation of written text in the work adds a further layer of nuance.

Over the last few years Nola’s work has become more sculptural. This includes the well-known ‘Body Language’ series of free standing textile lamps which have featured in architectural and interior design layouts. The ‘Body Language’ series also featured in:

  • The Herald Sun (May 2004)-“these illuminating works of art are dedicated to the first glow of romance”
  • The Melbourne Age (August 2004) –“the striking artwork of Nola Bailey’s emotively embroidered tailor’s dummies”
  • The Melbourne Weekly (March 2004) cover

More recently Nola has returned to the wall. Her current work shows the influence of recent travels to Japan and Egypt. Nola has combined the stripped back aesthetic, balance, serenity and attention to detail evoked from her time in Japan, with the wonderful extravagance, sumptuousness, and lush feeling of the interiors of Egypt. Similar symbols and patterns resurface in different forms and styles. Colour plays a distinct role in shaping the visual culture of a country, and is used to full effect in Nola’s work. The result is a collection of richly layered pieces with the artist’s signature text and emotive elements.

Nola Bailey’s artwork can be found in private collections in Australia, England, USA, France, The Netherlands and Hong Kong.

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