Pat Hillard


Spring Magnolias
acrylic 76x101cm
Heart of the Rose - Devotion
acrylic 46x46cm
Transient Beauty
acrylic 91x61cm
acrylic 76x76cm
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About Pat Hillard



Although I have from time to time painted in various media throughout my life, I began to paint seriously 3 years ago in 2017 when I retired from full time work. I now paint full time in acrylics, usually on a stretched canvas. I paint in my small studio which is a converted garage space at my home in Bayswater North, Victoria. I have had some instruction in watercolour painting several years ago and an online course in acrylic painting in 2017 which set me on my path.


I absolutely love all things from nature, particularly flowers but also still life of any kind. These are my preferred subjects and my aim is to recreate and bring to life my subjects, to bring pleasure to the viewer which will last forever. I love to study the effect of light and to explore ways to recreate and even exaggerate this effect to bring additional drama and life to each of my paintings.


I gain inspiration for my art by looking at the natural world around me, by taking photographs of interesting subjects and experimenting with lighting effects. My aim is to bring my art to the attention of all art lovers and as many potential collectors as possible, to bring them ongoing pleasure and joy.

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