Payam Khajeh


Black Friday Melbourne
Mixed 102x101cm
In Being a Lover Be Firm of Foot
mixed 30x40cm
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About Payam Khajeh

Payam Khajeh has graduated in Master of Visual Art form the South Australian School of Art at the University of South Australia in 2009. He is experienced in producing original artwork using a variety of mediums and has provided workshops and exhibitions showcasing his work for more than 10 years. His works explores the abstract and minimalism form with different material often done as oil colour, acrylic and water colour on paper or canvas. Transform acrylic painting in to crude ‘water colours’ by adding different quantities of water and colour, add dry powder paints to wet surface ,using finger or wet brush, sponge, roll tools, mix the colour on the wet canvas are used to represent of abstract form. In his arts, he tries to be defined as reducing the concept or idea to its simplest form. By using calligraphic images on canvas he has developed a combination of Iranian calligraphy and abstract pattern in his paintings. Having a sense of Persian culture, experience and vision of contemporary art is required to arrange these two elements. Some of the text in his paintings are intentionally illegible and carries no literal meaning, thus freeing it from the confines of linguistics, and imbuing it with a sense of universality which rescues the archaic practice of calligraphy from obscurity, giving it fresh relevance in a global, modern context.For further information about Payam’s art work, please check the Payam’s website or payam khajeh @ Instagram

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