Penny Strachan


Glimpses of Blue
mixed 61x61cm
A Trio of Firetails
mixed 61x61cm
Old Mr. Kookaburra
mixed 61x61cm
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About Penny Strachan

Penny Strachans art style is usually quite rustic and bold, with a lot of influences from nature- birds, leaves, colours. Often metallic paints are used, with real leaves, pressed. 
Also recently she has started doing fine detailed bird pictures using acrylic, water colour and pencil. Then incorporating them into bigger canvases with a more impressionist background that symbolises nature/the bush. 
Penny has enjoyed painting as a hobby for over 20 years which she loves. Her style has evolved with lots of experimenting with different techniques over the years.
She has recently made the transition into showing her art at art shows. 

Facebook: @1rustytwig
Instagram: Penny.s.rustytwig

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