Pip Menses


Lounge Suite
OIL 61x92cm
White Chair
OIL 92x61cm
Orange Chair
OIL 41x51cm
Friendly White Chairs *
OIL 30x25cm
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About Pip Menses

Pip grew up surrounded by art with the maestros of the Antipodean School being frequent visitors to her parent's house. She admires the work of Australian artists such as John Brack, Elizabeth Cummings, Barbara Romalis, William Robinson, Euan McLeod, Rover Thomas and many more.

Pip has been on a cultural journey firstly working as an archaeologist in indigenous cultures for Australia, New Guinea and Bahrain. She then broadened into Australian historic heritage running the National Trusts of SA and then Qld.

Her broad understanding of the significance of art and history saw her appointed to the Inaugural Moveable Cultural Heritage Committee and the Australian Heritage Commission. These experiences developed her interest in fine art. Whilst raising her children Pip decided to revisit her passion for painting and sculpture.

After classes in painting and life drawing at Art Central - School of Fine Arts in Melbourne she was invited to join Swan Street Studios.

Her move to Swan Street Studios at 550 Swan Street Burnley has resulted in requests for exhibitions at Art at St. Francis (2012), Edges Gallery and the Holy Trinity Arts Festival (2013 ) and "Domestic Blitz" at Kinross Gallery Toorak in June 2014. She is also represented on the Art Nomad website. Her work can be viewed at the Studio by appointment.



. She is known as Philippa Croll at the swanstreetsudios.com.au

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