Richard Newton


Round Landscape
MIX 100x76cm
Hua Hin Landscape
MIX 100x76cm
Sunset Hua Hin
MIX 100x76cm
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About Richard Newton

Richard Newton has had a distinguished career as an Art Educator in Victoria, Australia and is now retired from the ‘Art room’ and concentrating on his own art work.

Richard and his family have had a long association with Thailand and he has a love of the people and their art, architecture and culture. He has run many tours from the north to the south of Thailand for his art students as well as other schools and recently his first adult group.

In Richard’s current work one can see the link to Thailand through his use of gold and silver leaf and the reoccurring Thai landscape. He regularly works with bitumen and a range of acrylic and oil colours in an expressionistic use of line. All the gold leaf and silver leaf used in Richards work has been blessed by Thai monks and is original gold leaf. Richard is also developing a new style of work that entails him enlarging his photographs and painting over the top of them. This current work has just returned from Thailand where it was well received while on exhibition.

One of Richards’ passions is to work with a client and create a commissioned work for a specific place. This is a challenging way for him to incorporate his own creativity with the clients wishes for a new art work. ‘Painting for me is a way of expressing the essence of line and movement whether in a nude, landscape or abstraction’ [R Newton]]. His work has been influenced by many past artists who use line with vigor such as Pollock, Degas, Kandinsky and many more. Also his colleagues and students have influenced him. Many of Richards works are held in private collections and he is looking toward a major exhibition in the near future.

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